Hello Asia! Interview With Monique Jones of Just Add Color

Recorded 1/31/18 Hello Asia!

Monique Jones, founder/blogger of Just Add Color, Joins Us to Discussing Culture Appropriation and Appreciation in K-Pop and the Music Industry as a Whole.

Recently Jones wrote the viral article, ‘Respect Must be Earned: BTS’ Journey Towards Gaining its Stripes in Black America‘ for Reappropriate, recognizing their personal change and development that lead them to Cultural Appreciation.

Jones has also written for BustleEbonyBlack Girl Nerds, SYFY Wire, Huffington Post and more. She is the founder of Just Add Color, pop culture site focusing on the intersection of race, culture, feminism, and sexuality.She also served as an consultant to help create Kaya, Ghost Assassin, the first black woman Planeswalker in Magic: The Gathering.

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