Send Us Stuff

Honestly, we like receiving stuff to talk about on air so whether you are a listener or Entertainment Company, or Independent Artist/Group. Our Station does do charting for NACC  and  Spinitron.

ATTN: Hello Asia!
The U: UMSLRadio
1 University Blvd. #366
St. Louis, MO 63121


For Entertainment Companies, Independent Artist/Groups or Promoters:

We accept music submissions in the form of CD or vinyl to the address above…

MP3 submissions can be sent to with a press release in .pdf:

ALL SONGS MUST BE FCC CLEAN, in MP3 format, and the files names must be formatted: “Artist – Song Title”

If your music is selected to be played on the station it will be played on air during the Hello Asia! show at random and/or uploaded to automated playlist and be randomly played when there is no live DJ.  Your music will also be available to the music department at The U: UMSLRadio for DJ use..