Hello Asia! Crew

63470_659833736136_5436055_nKimberly (MouseMakingSushi)

Cynical, sarcastic, emo geeky wreck and a Japanologist. OG of HelloAsia! and hosts another show called Magical Journey of Panda in a Fishbowl. Most likely to be found on Twitter and enjoys live tweeting various events.

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Sandy (CutieSai)

Impulsive introvert with enthusiasm for yaoi, kpop and anything categorized as “cute”. On that hashtag life. Currently: #StopSleepingOn___

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DJ Melody

Hot mess with a penchant for cookies, yaoi, and a thirst for K-Pop that knows no bounds.  #ineedachachabeatboy #groovyeverywhere #graywhisper

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