Hello Asia! Show Playlist for Weds. 7/26/17

Did you love the playlist from July 26 and just want to relive the memories of those hits. Go ahead, we ain’t stopping you. 

Don’t forget Hello Asia! will be in full countdown mode from August 23rd and you will be able to vote for your favorites. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be updated on the whens and hows of the voting system.


02:37PM Gray “Summer Night (Remix Ver.) [feat. Hoody]”

02:42PM DPR LIVE “Know Me (feat. Dean)”

02:42PM Psy “New Face”

02:47PM Jung Yong Hwa “여자여자해 That Girl (feat. 로꼬)”

02:55PM iKON “BLING BLING -KR Ver.-”

02:55PM Dean “I’m Not Sorry (feat. Eric Bellinger)”

02:58PM NCT 127 “Cherry Bomb”

03:00PM MOBB <MINO (from WINNER) × BOBBY (from iKON)> “FULL HOUSE -KR Ver.-”


03:06PM One “heyahe”

03:10PM IU “사랑이 잘 Can’t Love You Anymore (with 오혁)”

03:12PM GOT7 “양심없이 Don’t care”


03:15PM Dean “I Love It (feat. Dok2)”


03:21PM CODE KUNST “StrOngerrr (feat. Loco & MINO)”

03:23PM Loco “Movie Shoot (feat. DPR LIVE)”

03:26PM BTS “House of Cards (Full Length Edition)”


03:30PM Millic “Paradise (feat. Fanxy Child)”

03:35PM EXO “다이아몬드 Diamond”


03:38PM BTS “뱁새 Silver Spoon”

03:42PM EXO “Ko Ko Bop”

03:46PM GOT7 “Go Higher”


03:51PM Jay Park “Yacht (feat. Sik-K)”

03:54PM Jay Park “Feature (feat. Cha Cha Malone)”


03:59PM f(x)/Shinee “4 Walls/View”


04:02PM GOT7 “skyway”

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