Happy 5th of July!

It’s not a holiday but it sure as hell felt like one. Especially since the Rob Kardashian mess is playing out like that drama that always seems to show up at family barbecues. Either way let’s talk about the good news for now.

BTS ( 방탄소년단 Bangtan Sonyeondan or  防弾少年団 Boudan Shounendan) has just announced their new English name, Beyond The Scene. Additionally releasing a new song Come Back Home, a remake of the 1995 Seo Taiji and The Boys with a new MV.

Jackson Wang from Got7 released his new track Generation 2 for his Pepsi campaign in China.

Now as far as Hello Asia! We need your help. We want you to tweet us ( @helloasiashow ) or send your request here on Hello Asia! of your  favorite songs and what you want to hear and we will put it into countdown form starting in August. We will post more details soon along with news about our podcast discussion on K-pop and YouTube channel.

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