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It has been a month since my last post and as promised, I am here to update you on life. First and foremost, Hello Asia show welcomes Sam Choe onto our team as one of our bloggers! He has been a great help with our show, providing us with the latest and hottest news from Korea, going as far as bouncing back and forth with yours truly. We want to thank him and welcome him as partner in our quest of providing you with the best music from the far east.


Secondly, Hello Asia Show NatsuCon panel was a success! It has been about a week since we were there and Mouse ha of the individuals who showed up and participated. We appreciate NatsuCon for providing us with the opportunity to do our panel! Thank you NatsuCon for a job well-done!


Thirdly, it has been months since I have personally picked any Vietnamese Pop music for you guys. Therefore, for today’s show I have a few top songs coming from Nhac Cua Tui website Top Songs for July list. I usually stay away from Vietnamese songs because not only do I personally know the language and the meaning behind the songs but because my taste in the music is still very old fashion, basing entirely off of my childhood tastes and preferences.  For this pick I had a few people help with the picking of the 3 or 4 that will be played today, to eliminate what bias that I had towards it. Although this will not stop me from putting one in there from my favorite childhood artists! By now you all must know what my tastes in music are: soft, sweet, cute, folk, and with traditional instrumental mix. I hope you are not that tired of me yet!


Lastly, in my “Get to know CutieSai corner,” (yes, I did just make that up) I will give you a story that amused me each time I update. For today the story, “Mum and the pictures on my phone.”

My mother really love it when I show her my phone. In particular what this means is that if I have a picture on there sent from my aunt, she loves to look at it. However, like many others, when I show her a picture she likes to go to the next and so on and so on. Well I showed her a picture of Guan Yin and like I said she likes to look at all the other pictures I have, well the next one after that is a “not so innocent” anime picture (i.e. it has something to do with Yaoi). She paused in her movements and looked up at me. She looked back down at the picture and back up at me, “What?” I asked. She shook her head and I heard her mumbled, “Where did I go wrong?” At this point I was confused, what was she on about and why is it taking her so long to look at one picture?! So I reached over and took my phone and saw what she was looking at. She looked up at me again and said, “Have I not taught you anything about being organized?!” I was like, “Organize my pictures? Never!” She laughed and later I heard her telling my brother how I had a picture of Guan Yin right next to a “not so innocent picture,” and she doesn’t know if the Bodhisattva would mind being so close to something that sizzling. lol I love my mother. She is at the point where she allows me to do what I want and how I want it. As long as I am being safe she is okay with it. Sometimes she says the most amusing thing ever!

Well that is it for my corner! Listen to our show today from 11-1pm, directly on our page, and also follow us on Facebook and Twitter @helloasiashow.

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