My, oh my!

My, oh my, is truly all I can say! Spring semester has ended and we are in the last leg of our Summer semester, only now do I post again. The last I remember was a post to bring attention to a beautiful cold February day in preparation  for Chinese New Year’s! That was over five months ago! I have nothing but truck loads of apologies to shower you all!

I cannot in good conscious promise you all a more structured and frequent update schedule, however, what I can promise you is an update here or there that will be worth a short portion of your time. The least I can do for you beautiful listeners is to keep you up to date with what is happening. Sometimes, life is slow enough that I find it is too lax to share with you but fear not, my loves, we can always think of funs to share!

There are days where I might share a short story I’ve written, personal dialogues (funny ones only!), rants, and all the blah blahs that comes to my mind. On those occasions that I decide to write, let’s stick to the belief that as a college student I am just testing my fiction writing skills on you all! Promise you won’t burn me like you all did to E.L James! Fifty shades of Grey, more like Fifty shades shade!

Sai’s sharing corner:

Have you ever had someone that is sitting with you and you told them, “hold on, let me check Youtube,” to find some answers? However, when you do have your Youtube page (mind you it is your PERSONAL youtube page) up and they are looking at you with this side look like, “The hell is wrong with you!” You look offended and only to turn back to laugh so hard you cry because on your recommended videos are of all the things that will likely make you giggle and cry. I have, and my brother wasn’t so nice about voicing his disagreement with my recommendations! I had recommendation on how to make a cake, how to put eyeshadow on, Top 10 Creepy-pastas, Most haunted places around the world, Natural births, etc. He just told me I have spending too much time at the weird corner of Youtube. I couldn’t help but laugh because I tend to click things that looks interesting.

I hope this had somewhat given you some common ground to talk and interact with us. For now we must say our goodbyes, but comes the next chance I get, I will update you!

Much love and the best of wishes,





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