A taste of Xuan (Spring)!


Being located in St. Louis, MO we are far from spring and personally, I believe we are getting closer to a beautiful winter! As happy as I could be about the prospect of a white February in time for Valentine’s Day, the honest truth is that Chinese New Year’s is around the corner. In fact, for 2015 New Year’s falls on February the 19th! To bring in a happy and exciting year, as your gateway to some of the best music from the Far East, we will play one or two songs that will mark the beginning of spring each Wednesday until the day of New Year’s.

In honor of my family origin from South Vietnam, most of these songs will be by Vietnamese singers, both old and new. We try our best to diversify the music that you hear on our show and it is only fair that we play New Year’s music for all other countries that are feature on our show (i.e. Japan, Korea, Philippine and Vietnam). We will try our best, this I promise you, to get our hands on these tracks. However, please don’t be too disappointed if we can’t get a hold of them.

We are always looking forward to hearing from you all and would love to have the chance to answer any (reasonable) questions that you have either through e-mail or on air!

So please tune in on Wednesday from 12-2 on either UMSLRadio.com, TUNEIN application or if you’re a student on your UMSL mobile app!

With love and wishes,


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