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Hello Asia! (Music) with MouseMakingSushi 01/28/2015 12:00PM to 02:00PM

12:18PM Ayumi Hamasaki “Movin’ On With You (Utada Cover)” from Utada Hikaru no Uta

12:21PM SCANDAL “Departure” from Departure

12:27PM Nhat Kim Anh “Tha Nguoi Dung Hua” from Tha Nguoi Dung Hua

12:31PM IU and High 4 “봄 사랑 벚꽃 말고 Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms” from HIGH4 1st Mini Album ‘HI HIGH’ – EP

12:34PM A-Lin “Wo Zhi De” from Guilt

12:39PM Yong Hwa “Checkmate” from Checkmate

12:42PM John Hyun “Crazy ft. Iron” from Crazy ft. Iron

12:50PM BTOB “You’re so Fly” from You’re So Fly

12:45PM James Reid “Natataranta” from Diary ng Panget (Original Movie Soundtrack) on Viva Records Corporation

12:54PM Son Tung “Chac Ai Do Se Ve” from Chac Ai Do Se Ve

12:55PM Beast “Good Luck” from Good Luck on Universal Music Ltd.

12:58PM Mai Kuraki “Muteki na Heart” from Muteki na Heart

01:04PM Taemin “Danger” from Danger

01:05PM 2PM “Go Crazy” from Go Crazy

01:15PM Eunji and Huh Gak “Breakup to Makeup” from Breakup to Makeup

01:16PM The Pillows “Ride on the Shooting Star” from Metalander-Z

01:21PM Galileo Galilei “Mrs. Summer” from See More Glass on Sony Music Labels Inc.

01:26PM FLOW “1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou” from Anime Best on Ki/oon Records Inc.

01:29PM KANA-BOON “Time Out” from Time on Sony Music Labels Inc.

01:32PM Thai Trinh “Nho Lai” from Nho Lai

01:37PM Juneil “I Think I’m in Love” from I Think I’m in Love

01:40PM Lecca “SKY IS THE LIMIT feat Rhymester” from SKY IS THE LIMIT feat Rhymester

01:47PM ONE OK ROCK “Mighty Long Fall” from Mighty Long Fall / Decision – Single on Aer-born




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